The full version of my brand new album “Soul of the West” will be released by Bluelight Records on January 25 2019 in all formats – CD – Vinyl LP & Download

Check out the links below for your area.

Raucous Records (UK)

Amazon (UK)

Platekompaniet (Norway)

HMV (Japan)

Ginza (Sweden)

CDOn (Sweden)

Levykauppa Äx (Finland)

cdbaby (worldwide)

Bear Family

Goofin’ Records (Finland)

Jungle Records (Finland)

OutWest (USA)


Click on the link below for all the following digital outlets to my new album 

Spotify – Apple Music – iTunes Store – DEEZER – Google Play – amazon – napster – soundcloud

My first dedicated Western album “Riding After Midnight” released in 2014, is available on CD, Vinyl LP or download. Please order from the links below. If you have any problems obtaining a copy please contact me direct.  (USA)

Full Track List

1. Riding after midnight
2. My rifle, my pony & me
3. Doggone cowboy
4. A fine horse
5. We are Shane
6. Call of the far away hills
7. I wish I’d been there
8. Pilgrim boy
9. Man walks among us
10. Six strings
11. The Anvil

My first solo album, This Hour , is currently un-available but I hope to see it re-released at some stage in the future.

Full Track List

1 Guilty Heart
2 Barbed Wire Round the Meadow
3 Love Is To Blame
4 Insane
5 This Hour
6 If You Feed the Devil
7 Forever Forever
8 Purple Land
9 When Will I Learn
10 Alright Mary
11 The Years Have Not Been Kind (To the Man from the Shire)

My 2011 album “Cross a Soul with Silver” is available from the link below

Full track list

  1. Cross a soul with silver
  2. Above
  3. All in black
  4. Is it a memory
  5. Just insane
  6. Where do I go from here
  7. Idaho dream
  8. This hour in the desert
  9. Generation scar